I’m Joanna. Born in 1983, Poland. Living on the island of Senja, Norway.
Audio-visual artist. Designer. Performer. Graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts.
Mother of Lea and Leonard.
Founder of Naustet Gallery.
Designer at Biophon Records and Bocian Records.

Media: video-art, public space operation, interactive sculpture, performance, painting, collage, photography, sound-art, music.
Topics: function of the language, nature of the mind, present reality, sexuality, identity, ego, transformation.
Sources: nature and culture, city walks and social changes, 20th-century magic revival, psychedelic experience, dzogchen meditation.

It is the concept of the language that fascinates me most. I see it as a magic tool which can create new worlds, generate new ideas and concepts,
and it does not matter whether or not they are illusory. The language of different ways of art expression provides an additional opportunity
to touch the essence of things, to seize the inexpressible, to introduce the public to sheer experience. It has this incredible potential for transformation,
and since I do not believe in any objective “me” or in “present reality”, I attempt to make it ever-new.

Co-curator of Trans:visions Festival in CCA in Warsaw.
Worked with Jørgen Knudsen, Zenial, Antoine Chessex, Jerome Noetinger, Mats Gustafsson, Joachim Nordwall, Robert Schalinski,
Wojciech Benicewicz, Alameda 5, X:Navi-Et, Burkhard Stangl.

Represented by High North Music.

More… about my design work.

Contact me: joanna.ewa.john @ gmail.com