Doing things without making sense makes me happy. That's how the video for the song Here warmth is transmitted was made.
General outline? Rather more sudden situations. Rocking chair found in the dark room by accident, empty pool, snow, frost, cold water and dance with elements of butoh performed by Wojtek Matejko.

Here warmth is transmitted is one of the six tracks from the upcoming debut album No End produced by me in 2018.

Joanna's album is best enjoyed at night. With eyes closed. Or walking through the deep snow in the middle of some wasteland. The mood is built here by a simple meter, archaic synthesizers and subtle distortions introducing erotic tension. Into electronic loops, John brings acoustic solutions, combines Lem with the Moomins, follows more intuition than rules of composition.
Releasing date: 2018 by Bocian Records.

Second video is made to the track First morning out from the same album. Dance: Wojtek Matejko. Camera: Will Lopes.

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