Bartek Chaciński writes about NO END

Posted by Joanna on May 2, 2019 in NEWS

“A Polish girl living on the Norwegian island of Senja, graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts and above all a visual artist, although to say “above all” is a terrible underestimate of this delicate but firmly sewn debut album with minimalist but diverse electronic music. In most parts without beat, but with the tension built on the contrast between powerful and subtle, synthetic and natural sounds, as well as perfect space, virtual and natural.

The best illustration of these features can be found in the First Morning Out, though it is also the most meditative and thrifty piece, guided by aesthetics performers from Raster-Noton. The album surprises for a long time until the appearance of the vocal part in Here Warmth is Transmitted and all its colorful qualities are exquisitely mastered by Mikołaj Bugajak (NOON). On Record Store Day, Joanna John will perform in the Spatif Club in Warsaw together with Burkhard Stangl”
(8/10 points)

– Bartek Chaciński / Polityka

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