The Anthill is an underground urban visual-scape exploring the crooked resonances between the micro­- and macrocosm, the exaggerated features of two species comprising societies, the world of the ants and the world of the humans. Shot in the underground subways and passages, the sequences allude to the narrow tunnels of reality that streamline the everyday consciousness of most people propelled by the sense of identity. Augmenting the image is the subtle soundtrack, both elements comprising the surreal vision of the urban jungle. The Anthill is the second part of the insect triptych inspired by Maurice Maeterlinck’s trilogy, whose narrative provides the spoken­ word frame compiled from fragments of the author’s The Life of the Ant.

Direction and camera: Joanna John
Soundtrack: Robert Schalinski
Editing: Wojciech Benicewicz

Special thanks to Anna Morawiec

IN OUT Festival 2014 in Gdańsk / Honorable mention award