Cover of the Lynx by Joanna John (Bocian Records) and Burkhard Stangl (Touch Music).
Interstellar Records! Cat. number INT048.


Some words from:!
"Another interesting duo with a record of note is the electroacoustics possibilities explored by Joanna John & Burkhard Stangl entitled Lynx (Interstellar). As they mesh old/new technologies to form an encrusted drone the air around you may become tinted with the strange and familiar. Guitar strings, rain, intermittent percussion are seriously infused here, steeped into a sort of sonic folk music. They have a rustic flair with cosmic glitter tossed sparingly into the mix, making for the soundtrack to nature at a turning point in history. It’s a glassy world we are looking into, one that is defying the odds to keep certain traditions alive, and for all its warmth there is something unsettling just below the surface."






























Translation: 5/5
"If the supplied information is correct, LYNX will only appear as LP and DL, the more remarkable the care taken on the packaging of the promo CD presented to me. In a simple envelope made of sturdy, rough paper in a pleasantly brownish beige with "LYNX" stamped in capital letters, there is a square insert next to the CD with a bright b/w photo of a lynx, intently curious in the winter forest. One might think that the animal listened to the dreamy form of avant-garde that the Austrian guitarist developed with the Polish A/V artist here. Delicate (half) acoustic guitar figures swing over an electronic primer of soft noise or individual piano stops, here and there, feedback flashes and fades away - all with the greatest possible calm and yet full of "suspense". Incidentally, the uninspiring font size on the back of the aforementioned insert suggests that this is a miniaturization of the original LP artwork. If that's the case, everything is just right here!"