We Are The Alchemy

Thanks to Interstellar Records I am happy to announce this release I recorded with Michał Stępięń.

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Release date: November 30th, 2021

Alchemy is mystical transformation of the basic into the noble. But it also means revealing a deep, primary substance of things through the elements. The sonic laboratory on this album comprises isolated, pure ingredients gradually and precisely processed into astonishing coherence and harmony. From the hum of drones, the slow clangour of guitar, the shimmer of electronics, cosmoses eventually emerge.
– Olga Drenda


/a1 bleached time of revealing
/a2 deep current of her cold fire
/a3 shape beyond shape covered by black plastic
/a4 so they loved but love made nothing better
/b1 the sea is uneasy marble
/b2 the dark nerve of sin
/b3 we are the alchemy

Joanna John / Tromso
Michał Stępień / Kraków

music written and produced by Joanna John & Michał Stępień
executive producer Richie Herbst
mastered by Martin Siewert
artwork & design Joanna John